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Fishing in Saint Lucia

Marlin fishing off the Pitons, St. Lucia

Saint Lucia is undeniably a one of the most beautiful vacation destinations in the world, with majestic mountains, unspoilt beaches and lush tropical rainforest.  There is a reason it is regularly voted the world’s most desirable honeymoon destination. But to write Saint Lucia off as merely a romantic honeymoon spot is to sell her woefully short.  Saint Lucia, amongst many other things, is a world class fishing destination. Just ask Bill Boyce, ESPN and IGFA Saltwater Adventures host, who has filmed sportfishing shows twice in Saint Lucia and rates it one of his favourite fishing destinations.

Saint Lucia is blessed drop-offs into deep water just half a mile offshore, and this gives host to a range of great sportfish.  There are peak seasons, but great tropical conditions here mean that all year round the waters are active with Wahoo, dorado, yellowfin tuna, as well as the king of fish, the great blue marlin and sailfish.

While October to March is peak marlin season, these beasts can be found year round, so any time of year is worth a try for some marlin action, and thanks to the close-in deep water and great fishing off the FADs, multiple releases in one day are not uncommon.  And were not talking babies either! At the last St. Lucia International Billfish Tournament in October 2019 fully half the marlin released were over 300lbs and there were plenty that were in the 400-500lb range, with one definitely over 600lbs! 

Island Record for Blue Marlin 940lbs.

Captain Mike’s currently holds both the island record of 940lbs and the tournament record of 707lbs, and we regularly see and release monsters that are 600lbs+, so if you are heading to St. Lucia, whether or not it’s your honeymoon, take the chance to get on the water and experience some once-in-a-lifetime world-class fishing in a unique destination!

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