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No Bananas on the Boat!

Fishermen are, by and large a superstitious bunch, and our Captain and crew are no exceptions.  Everyone has their own little quirks and do’s and don’t on the boat, often involving a lucky bait or two, but one that is string with all our crew and we have encountered over the years from many other keen anglers and commercial fishermen alike is… NO BANANAS ON THE BOAT. 

This is not optional.  If you are going whale watching or snorkeling, fine, bring all the bananas you want.  But if you are fishing you better not bring bananas anywhere near our boat. Every single one of our crew can tell you of a day when the fish just weren’t biting no matter what they tried, until some unwitting tourist pulls out a banana from their bag for a mid-morning snack.  Be warned, if you do this on board one of our boats that banana will be confiscated and thrown overboard immediately (count yourself lucky if you do not follow the banana overboard). Every one of those crew will swear on a bible that the moment that banana is properly disposed of and the fishing gods appeased with an offering of some beer or rum, the lines will go off.

What are some superstitions or lucky tricks in your part of the world?  Have you heard of the banana thing? Let us know!

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